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Mopeding in Elba

Getting to spend the day in Elba was totally rewarding for an activity loving girl like me. I’m all about getting out and exploring every inch of the earth, so the mountains, water and aqua blue sea was perfect for my next exploration spot. While the third largest island of Italy sounds like an intimidating visitor location, I was able to moped around the entire island in about two hours, which makes for the ironic combination of easy-going beach babe and adrenaline-laced adventure goer.

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Lunchtime Love in Capri

Conca del Sogno is a 30 minute boat ride away from Capri and it is one of our favorite restaurants in all of Italy. It is run but a small family and it is traditional Italian food that is so delicious! Not to mention, the view is extremely beautiful as well! The restaurant sits on the coastline, overlooking the turquoise blue water.

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