My Daily Meditation Practice


Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my meditation space, and my routine. Honestly the routine has completely changed my life, how I perceive stress and how I manage my days so I totally understand why you guys want to know more about it. I was once the person who laughed at meditation and thought that it would never be something I would do. But now, after seeing all of the amazing benefits, I make time for it every single day. Literally, I schedule it in my calendar for at least 30 minutes because I have a whole routine I like to do.


First, I start by getting my space ready. I get upstairs in my space and dim the lights. Then I turn on my diffuser that I put lavender essential oil or ylang ylang in, lavender is good for relaxation while ylang ylang is good for focus (and they’re both safe for pregnancy). Then I turn on my Himalayan salt rock lamp because the light it gives off induces relaxation. Finally, I light the candles on my meditation altar and an incense stick to get all of my sense going and make my space feel completely zen. I love my Sacral Chakra, Psychic Vision, and Illuminating Aura Candles from Crystal Cactus!

I’ve decorated my meditation altar with a bunch of things I have collected over the years. I choose crystals that I’m innately drawn to when I shop for them. I’ve added things like candles, my incense holder, a journal, sage, mala beads, and good luck charms that I have found over time. Decorate your meditation altar with what speaks to you and things you see on your travels. That’s part of the creativity of it, and what is relaxing and pretty to you will make your meditation space all the more special. Here are a couple things I love that may help you get started.

Once I’m done getting the space ready, that’s when I settle in and begin my meditation. You really just have to find the type of meditation that works for you. There are so many out there and not every type is right for everyone. I practice guided meditations, which means I either have an app like the Calm app and Insight timer or my yoga teacher who comes over twice per week take me through a meditation telling me where to focus my attention and get me into the zone. I start my practice laying down (because sitting on the floor with no back support is challenging for me) and close my eyes. I let the app (or my teacher) completely walk me through it before I get up. At this point, I really focus on taking deep breaths and when thoughts come up, I just notice them and let them go.



At the end of the meditation I do one of two things, I either take my journal and write five things that I am grateful for that day, or I take my book A Course in Miracles (which is a total game changer as well and honestly deserves its own blog post) and read a lesson. This concludes my meditation practice for the day.

why meditating every day is important to me

So, at this point in the post I want to tell you all WHY this whole practice is so important to me and why I do it every day. Honestly, sometimes, I feel resistance and I don’t want to, but I have noticed a complete shift in the way that I manage my life that I feel like it is completely necessary for my sanity. And the reason I put this in my calendar and do it before anything else is because I want to hold myself accountable and make sure that it happens! Here are the reasons I keep my meditation practice going:

1.     Less anxiety, and when it does come up, I have the tools to control it

2.     My digestion has gotten better. By turning on the parasympathetic nervous system and not always living in a stressed state we can improve our digestion

3.     Less anger and less reactivity to situations that undoubtedly arise during each day

4.     Feeling present in the moment with my husband, and my loved ones

5.     Accepting myself and not living such a perfectionistic lifestyle

6.     Being on a path to finding inner peace