What's In My Purse

On today’s blog, I want to share with you guys all of the necessary items I keep in my purse. I take my big tote bag everywhere and I want to be as prepared as possible for any situation wherever I go. A lot of times I will go straight from work to an event or a dinner so I like to have not only office essentials, but items that help me freshen up as well! Here is a list of my purse must-haves:


I’m loving animal prints for fall, and always! They act as a neutral so they go with everything! This is my daily bag, and I’ve also linked a crazy good dupe!

Original Louis Vuitton Bag: $3,000

Original Louis Vuitton Bag: $3,000

Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag:  UNDER $100

Louis Vuitton Inspired Bag: UNDER $100


This is my wallet! I’ve linked a dupe as well.

Louis Vuitton Wallet: $1,270

Louis Vuitton Wallet: $1,270

Louis Vuitton Inspired Wallet:  UNDER $20

Louis Vuitton Inspired Wallet: UNDER $20

Day Designer

I love this planner, it lets me add all of my meetings, appointments, and to do’s. It keeps me super organized.


I have to write everything down between work, the blog, and the charity I run, otherwise I would not remember anything!


This is the computer I use for work and blogging! I love how big the screen is, and I’m even more obsessed with the marble case!

Electronics Bag

I use this sachet to keep all my electronics, including a laptop charger a portable phone charger and headphones. Linking all of these here!


Reading material - I like to read more than one book at a time and I always have to have it when I travel so I keep it in my bag!

Cosmetic Bag

I use this bag for all my essentials. I like to have them separate and organized so they’re not floating all inside my bag

Beauty Products

Here are some of my beauty essentials I always keep in my bag!


Snacks- because, necessary! I also always have mints in my bag!

What’s in your purse?! Let me know in the comments.