7 Health Benefits of Using Sunlighten Saunas


Kelley always shares about her favorite wellness products, tips, and tricks that help her balance a healthy lifestyle. Today, I thought I would share something that we both love, and that is Sunlighten Saunas! Kelley is not currently using her sauna due to her pregnancy, which is why I am sharing the benefits with you all, since we both love their saunas!

Kelley has the Solo Sauna at her house, which I recently started using, and I love it! For this week's newsletter, I put together a full list of all of the benefits of having a sauna, and why we love and recommend Sunlighten.


Sweating out the toxins in your body is so important to stay healthy, and Sunlighten's Infrared Saunas do just that! Their saunas heat your body directly, which causes your body temperature to rise, which results in a deep sweat that helps your body detox! Not only is detoxing essential to remove the toxins from your body, but it also helps boost your immune system!


As you all probably already know, Kell and I have pretty busy and extremely hectic schedules. We are always on the go, whether it be shooting content for WG, writing a blog post, working on other projects, or traveling, it can be stressful at times! We both try to spend time relaxing, and these saunas help us do just that. A lot of saunas have harsh temperatures, but Kell's Solo Sauna maintains a gentle heat that is so peaceful and makes you feel so relaxed. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after every sauna session!


Kell and I mainly use these saunas for relaxation and detoxification, but weight loss is another great benefit of Sunlighten Saunas! What better way to burn calories than to do so while relaxing in the sauna? You can burn up to 600 calories in one session!


Heat therapy is said to relieve pain, and Sunlighten Saunas really helps with this! Infrared sauna heat works to relieve any pain in joints, muscles, and tissue. We all have days where we are not feeling so great, whether that be hurting your back, or working out and feeling sore, Sunlighten's Infrared Saunas help relieve any of this pain.


Using a Sunlighten Sauna helps improve circulation. It is almost as if you are doing cardio, but in a relaxed state! It helps stimulate blood flow, which is good for your heart. A great benefit of having one of these saunas in your home is that if you ever can't make it to the gym, you can head into your sauna at home and get your blood flowing!


Kell and I both spend a lot of time practicing methods to improve our skin and prevent aging, and using the sauna is one of these practices. Regularly using the sauna helps your skin maintain a youthful look. Infrared saunas stimulate collagen production, which helps reduce wrinkles and improves your skin tone. Additionally, removing all the toxins from your body helps remove any negative impacts they may have on your skin.


Improving your cell health is not something most of us think about, but it is so important! Infrared light therapy helps stimulate the circulatory system and oxygenate's your cells. This helps improve cell health and boosts your immune system.

I've linked the Sunlighten website below for you all to check it out! I recommend the Solo Sauna that Kelley has, but all of their saunas have amazing benefits!