Kelley's Big Announcement


I’M PREGNANT! I cannot believe I’m actually writing that! We feel so beyond blessed and over the moon excited that we get to meet our baby boy in January.

how we found out

So before I get to answering some questions you guys have been asking and telling you about the first trimester, a quick story about how we found out. I was home from work on a Tuesday and we had actively been trying to get pregnant for about 5 months. I told Chad I was going to take a test even though it was still a few days early. Immediately after taking the test, I freaked out and didn’t want to wait to watch the lines so I gave the test to Chad and ran upstairs. Less than a minute later I could hear him running up to me telling me “I think you’re going to want to see this!!!” and with that we had a positive test. We were crying and hugging and jumping up and down with joy. We couldn’t wait to tell our parents so we FaceTimed his parents who live in Arizona first and then right after we went to my parents house and told them. We told the rest of our family members after we saw a heartbeat at six weeks, and since then it’s been so hard to keep the secret from everyone else!

9 Week Ultrasound


My 13 Week Bump!

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My first trimester

Now that I’m in the second trimester, I can tell you about the first, but please don’t hate me. I know it’s so hard for some women and every pregnancy is different, I could be really sick when we try for a second lol. I’m happy to report that for this first pregnancy the first trimester was not bad AT ALL. I mean don’t get me wrong, I had some afternoons where I was stuck on the couch from exhaustion and nausea, but I actually never threw up! I’ve heard horror stories from friends and family so I was expecting the worst when I found out, but thankfully it was pretty easy. I was able to work out and eat pretty healthy through my entire first trimester. Although there were a couple of nights where I had french fries and ranch dressing for dinner (gotta take advantage of the cravings!) I actually haven’t gained any weight since I got pregnant but I’m starting to feel a lot hungrier now. As for the bump, I don’t really have one yet. In my eyes I look and feel a little bloated, but no one else would notice, but I’m so excited for when it does decide to pop! I can’t wait to watch my body grow and change. I think it’s so incredible that our bodies can do this

Q & A

Q: What’s the most challenging part of being pregnant?
A: Honestly just being tired and feeling like you can’t get it all done. I’m a doer and I like getting tasks checked off my list so when I am napping on the regular I just feel a little bummed about it. Even though I know it’s silly.

Q: What is his name going to be?
A: We have a few that we really like but we’re not going to decide until he gets here and we can see him and feel his energy

Q: Cravings?
A: Fruit! Orange juice especially (which I know has lots of sugar, but I love it right now), cereal always sounds delicious, and protein.

Q: How has your diet changed?
A: I’m definitely eating more protein than before because I’m craving it. And fruit is my go-to snack. I’ve been having a glass of orange juice at night because I’m craving that too. A day of food usually looks like:
Breakfast: GF pancakes, a bowl of cereal with berries (always sounds good these days), or a smoothie with protein powder
Lunch: A salad with shrimp or salmon or a quinoa bowl with beans and veggies. Sometimes avocado toast too!
Dinner: Some sort of protein. I’ve been eating grilled shrimp a lot, and I’ve added red meat back into my diet once a week or so because I feel like my body needs it. I made the most amazing bolognese over Palmini noodles the other night.

Q: Are all the skin care products you’ve been posting pregnancy safe?
A: Yes! 100% everything I use is nontoxic anyways, and since becoming pregnant, I haven’t posted anything with acids or retinols. Some of my favorites right now are
Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum

Q: How will you handle the dogs with the baby?
A: Well the first order of business, which were working on now is training them to sleep in the living room. Not an easy task but we can’t have them in bed with us anymore when baby gets here. I’m a little worried about Traveler because he’s actually scared a couple kids before. But Chad and I have read some stuff about bringing the babies clothes home first to let them adjust to the new smell, and also having a pretend baby doll that you carry around the house in the weeks leading up to giving birth so they get used to it (not sure if this works but willing to try anything).

Q: Favorite pregnancy books?
A: Here are some of my favorite books, a Podcast I’ve been listening to, and a platform I use for meditation!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting
The Danish Way of Parenting
The 40 Weeks Podcast
Expectful Meditation

Q: How will you travel and will you get a nanny?
A: I’m planning on taking him with me everywhere I go. I know that sounds nuts, but that’s what my mom did with me. He’ll be a very well traveled boy haha! And yes we’re going to get a nanny, since Chad and I both have work, we will definitely need the extra hands. Also, I think my mom is going to be helping us a lot. She’s so excited to be a grandma and I am so grateful to have her help.

Q: How have you been working out?
A: Not much has changed! I walk every day. Honestly, even when I’m not feeling great a walk makes me feel better. I’ve been doing Pilates three times per week and a little light yoga here and there. I have always liked low impact workouts so it’s perfect that I can still move the way I like to.

Q: Will the baby be on WG?
A: I think so! We’ve talked about the first couple of weeks when he’s home, taking a social media hiatus to spend as much time as we can with him getting to know him and giving him all the cuddles. But soon after for sure! I try to share all aspects of my life with you guys and soon my life is going to revolve around the little guy.


Can’t wait to share my pregnancy journey with you all!