Anxiety and Tips for Relaxation


I don’t usually take deep dives into topics like this on the blog, not because I am embarrassed of it, but because for a long time I didn’t think people felt the same way or would understand how I was feeling. I felt this way until my sister posted about anxiety and everyone started asking her how she deals with it and what helps her calm down. 

So, I thought I’d take a try and talk about this topic a bit and give my best tips for how I calm myself down. I’ve always dealt with anxiety, honestly to the point of panic attacks, heart racing, trouble breathing, can’t stop my mind... type of thing. Whether that’s social anxiety, test anxiety, or even medical anxiety. My mind somehow goes from 0 to 100 really quick when I get anxious. I wish my brain didn’t constantly do this, but it does and that’s alright... and knowing that it is alright is the first step when dealing with anxiety and stress in my opinion. It’s more than okay to worry... but the reality of how I choose to deal with my anxiety is the bigger topic and it helps me look to the positives in my life and to just slow down and breathe. 

There are times where I feel as though I could be swallowed by all my worries; that if I just lay down and try to sleep it will somehow all go away, but that’s not true. You can’t hide from your fears… you have to conquer them. So, what are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout the years?

Count and Breathe

It may sound stupid, but for some reason, this works for me. The second I start to feel my heart race or the tears swell, I count slowly to 20 and breathe in and out as I do. After a couple times of doing this, I’m able to resituate my mind. 

Watch Mindless TV

Watching something lighthearted or something you can laugh at really works for me. Nothing too serious. For me? My go-to is Friends! 

Lavender and Eucalyptus Oil

A couple years ago I was in Cabo with some friends and went to Flora Farms. There was this cute little shop selling different soaps and oils and I came across one called Dream Oil. I swear this has changed my life. I put a little dot of this on my wrist and neck and I swear I calm down quicker and sleep better! I never really thought things like this work, but I’ve told other people too and they’ve seen the same effect. The scent is calming and relaxing! Any Lavender Oil or Eucalyptus Oil can definitely help with relaxation and stress relief!

Lavender Pills

Although this only worked for me for a little while ... it did work! Lavender Pills helped me calm down when I was dealing with anxiety at first. 

Valerian Root Tea

This tea helps you catch some extra zzz’s. Valerian Root Tea helps me get well rested even on nights that my mind is racing! 

Do Activities You Love!

Read, dance, listen to music, be active, work out! The list goes on and on. Get that negative energy out!! 

Divert Your Attention to Positive Things

My biggest tip is to divert your attention to something else the moment you begin to feel anxious. Don’t let it swallow you. Conquer it... in bigger, brighter, and better ways. 

Take a deep breath. We’re all in this crazy life together. 



Disclaimer: in no way am I trying to influence how anyone handles their own anxiety or stress, I am simply just sharing what has worked for me! If you feel like you are dealing with anxiety it is always best to talk to a professional and consult a doctor before deciding on what works best for you!