Wilson's Bedroom Decor


My bedroom has some of my favorite decor in our entire home! While our bedframe was custom made, a bunch of the actual furniture has come from places like Restoration Hardware and West Elm. Many of you guys have asked for our bedding specifics so I put together a list of some of our exact items, as well as similar items at different prices points so you guys can also have a moroccan inspired bedroom with a modern feel that we aimed for!

Pillow Cases




The main blanket on our bed is a handmade moroccan wedding blanket we received on our honeymoon! Here are a few similar blankets we like and a few we have around the house:


Link to faux fur pillow cover here


The majority of our furniture was also custom made, however I found these few pieces to create a similar look and feel to your bedroom!

Similar headboard here

Similar headboard here