My Favorite Podcasts

A lot of you were interested in knowing what podcasts I listen to on a daily basis, so I have put together my favorites for you all!

Just a Good Listen

  • The Skinny Confidential Him and Her

    The Skinny Confidential podcast is hosted by entrepreneurs Lauren and Michael Bosstick that have weekly interviews with celebrities, influencers, experts, and leaders that provide advice on different topics including wellness, business, and relationships. Such a good listen that provides advice and knowledge on so many different topics.

  • This American Life

    This American Life is an entertaining podcast that tells different stories weekly that are all focused around interesting ideas and crazy plot twists, so fun to listen to!

  • Let it Out

    This podcast covers everything from productivity, creativity, self-care, wellness, sex, love, body image, and so much more. Let it Out features special guests that are always from different backgrounds. I love this podcast because it is a great mix of deep, spiritual conversations, and funny and light topics.

  • Skimm’d from the Couch

    The Skimm’d from the Couch podcast stems from creators of The Skimm, a media company, and interviews female leaders weekly to talk about all things business and the road to success.


  • Second Life

    The Second Life podcast is all about career changes that come at all stages in life, hosted by Clique Brands co-founder Hillary Kerr.

  • The Influencer Podcast

    A great listen hosted by marketing strategist Julie Solomon, The Influencer Podcast is all about influencer marketing and the careers of influencers and bloggers today. Julie interviews influencers and other guests to talk about related topics.


  • Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

    Oprah hosts this podcast to talk about the deeper meaning of the world around us. This podcast includes select interviews and conversations with thought-leaders, spiritual luminaries, and health and wellness experts. A good listen to help you reach your best self.

  • Tara Brach

    This podcast by Tara Brach, internationally known meditation teacher, shares a weekly meditation guide and spiritual practices.

  • The Now Age Podcast

    This podcast shares advice and insight on spiritual healing, modern spirituality, and how to stay true to yourself in this crazy generation of social media. Great podcast to listen to if you’re feeling consumed with social media want to be more spiritual.

Murder Mysteries

  • Serial

    If you’re into mystery and suspense, this podcast is for you! The Serial podcast stemmed from the creators of This American Life and is a true story that will keep you on your toes.

  • S-Town

    From the creators of This American Life and Serial, S-Town is about a man named John from Alabama and the unravelling of a murder. So much suspense!

  • Dirty John

    Dirty John is about couple Debra and John, and their complicated love that leads to the ultimate fight for survival.


  • The Feel Good Podcast

    The Feel Good Podcast provides insight and tips on how to maintain a health, balanced lifestyle through health tips and wellness advice.

  • Goop

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop’s Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen lead this podcast with conversations with doctors, creatives, and culture changers about health and lifestyle.

  • Medical Medium

    Anthony William, author of some of my favorite wellness books including Life-Changing Foods and Thyroid Healing, leads this podcast to talk about different areas of health and healing.

  • The Healthy Maven

    This podcast aims to inspire listeners and share all about health and wellness through weekly interviews with “mavens” in health. The Healthy Maven podcast talks about different challenges that keep us from living balanced lives.


  • The Bitch Bible

    This podcast is a good laugh that is unfiltered and talks about pop culture, millennial struggles, and more.

To easily access all of these podcasts, download the Podcast app on your phone, and the links will take you directly to each one. Hope you all enjoy!


Kelley aka Wilson