Best Places to Eat in New York City



We've been asked by many of you to talk about our favorite places to eat. Since we've grown up in Vegas, we'll be telling you guys those soon! However, since I'm going back to New York and both Kell and I come here so often, we're telling you guys the best places to eat in New York City along with our favorite dishes!


Rubirosa pizza 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: Vodka sauce pizza


Bond st sushi 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: spicy tuna crispy rice, big eyed tuna tartes, lobster tempura roll

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: seared scallops, broiled chilean sea bass



Tori’s Favorite Dish: Italian cream cake, baked white tagliolini

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: vegetable soup, branzino 


Tompkins square bagels

Tori’s Favorite Dish: a bacon and cheese sandwich, plain bagel with chocolate chip cookie dough cream cheese 


Pietro Nolita 

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: Brussell sprouts, eggs Benedict 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: fusilli al limone, brunch: pancakes 



Kelley’s Favorite Dish: dandelion green salad, grilled salmon, roasted carrots 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: roasted chicken 


Abc Kitchen

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: crab toast 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: whole wheat tomato mozzarella and basil pizza, brunch: French toast with poached peaches


The Sosta 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: zucca vodka pasta and caprese sandwich 


Avra Estiatorio

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: chilean seabass souvlaki, grilled calamari 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: organic free range chicken and truffle fries 



Kelley’s Favorite Dish: vegetable soup, grilled calamari, artichoke

Tori’s Favorite Dish: linguini and clams, calamari  

Hu kitchen 

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: Jordy cakes, cauliflower puree, salmon cakes, stuffed squash 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: baked chicken fingers, curried sweet potato 


Cha cha matcha 

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: ice matcha w/ oat milk 

Tori’s Favorite Drink: coconut matcha latte


Beyond sushi 

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: green root salad, sunnyside roll 


La esquina

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: tortilla soup, camarones blt tacos 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: elottes call/eros, pollo rostizado 

Butchers daughter

Kelley’s Favorite Dish: brass monkey smoothie, smashed avocado toast Benedict, spicy kale Caesar salad 

Tori’s Favorite Dish: smashed egg salad toast, butchers quesadilla 


Let us know some of your favorite spots I should try now that I'm back :)


Victoria aka Gabrielle