How I Really Feel About Going Back To NYC


Hi lovelies – today I am getting real about how I am really feeling about going back to the big apple and everything that comes along with that! The summer is wrapping up and I am about to head back to my second home and there are a ton of thoughts that come along with moving back to the east coast! So here we go:


1. First and foremost, I am BEYOND fortunate to get to live in one of most amazing cities in the world. New York is energetic and alive and it is such a fun place to live while you are in your twenties!

2. New York City has pushed me out of my comfort zone and this is one of the biggest reasons I chose to pursue my MBA on the other side of the country. There is so much to do and see in the city, from restaurants, to shopping, to museums, you can never get bored!

3. I am really, really excited to get back to my best friends in the city. Some of my closest friends from high school and college live in New York and I cannot wait to be reunited and to be able to catch up!

4. I am anxious and ready to go back to school. This is officially my last year of school. I can’t even believe it. 25 years old and finishing up my MBA. I am excited, proud, nervous… pretty much every feeling that comes alongside growing up! 

5. I am feeling all sorts of emotions when it comes to leaving home. Although there’s only one year of school left, leaving the people I love most in the place I love most is definitely tough. I’ve said a lot of times on the blog that I am a homebody…and that’s because I completely am! I love spending time with my family and my friends. It will be a big adjustment to leave but I know that time will fly by!

6. I am ready to take on another year…to make a lot of memories… and to enjoy every minute of it. I already have a list of restaurants in New York I want to try, museums I want to see, sites I haven’t been to yet, and I cannot wait to explore it all!


Leave your comments below of must do’s and must see’s in the city! I want to do it all before I graduate and I can’t wait for all to come! So here’s to my last year of school and here’s to New York City! Let’s do this