Mentally Preparing for the Wedding: How I Stay Calm


Stress and anxiety are close friends of mine. They’re both emotions that I’ve dealt with a lot in the past, and can easily come up when stressful events or situations occur. While planning a wedding is a really beautiful time, there are so many things that have to get done in a strict timeline that it can easily bring up stress.

The worst parts about stress and anxiety are the symptoms and side effects that come up. The most important for me is sleep. When I’m stressed I deal with horrible nightmares and the lack of sleep creates more stress. Additionally, I’ve suffered from stomach aches and headaches that can really slow me down.

Since dealing with stress and anxiety, I have really learned to notice when it comes up and nip it in the bud. That’s the silver lining here! I put all of these practices that im going to share with you below into place in the last 6 months and they have been more effective than ever!

Take a look below for all of my go-tos when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety. Even though these have been useful for me during wedding planning, they're really great for any sort of stressful situation:

Essential Oils

If you see me on stories, you know I love putting essentials oils in my diffuser, on the bottoms of my feet and in my bath. They actually have a physical effect on you and can totally shift you mood. My favorites are the FOUR GURUS TOP 14 and Saje Wellness Peppermint Halo and Stress Release rollers. This brings me to a point within a point, I love taking baths. I have to do it every single night to shift from work into my home space. Adding these essential oils into my bath makes me feel so relaxed and the stress just melts off of me.

Listening to music or an audiobook

This really takes my mind off of things and allows me to remember that the way I’m feeling is completely temporary. Lately, I’ve been listening to the Post Malone Beerbongs and Bentleys album and as for Audio Books I love: The Untethered Soul, Girl Wash Your Face and The Power of Now. All of these books are great for dealing with stress.


You guys know I’m all about getting my steps in, and getting outside for a leisurely walk is such a big de-stressor for me. In the midst of wedding planning, Chad and I have been taking our dogs for a night time walk for about 30 minutes every night without our phones. No phones is the key. This is a time for us to reconnect after a long day. Chad is really good at calming my nerves so its also a good time to talk things out. Breathing in fresh air can change your perspective on a lot of situations. Its really good to help you slow down. Here are my favorite walking shoes:

Working out

Pilates and yoga are me time. Taking an hour every single day to move my body keeps me sane. I used to push exercise out of the way when I was stressed because I thought I had too much to do, but over the years Ive learned its actually the opposite. Having time to work out, releasing endorphins and building positive energy resets my mind and allows me to better focus on how to deal with a given problem.


Eating balanced meals

The old me, you could have found in the kitchen late night snacking at all hours when I was stressed. Now though, ive found that if I eat three balanced meals a day I stay out of the kitchen late at night. Eating this late was what was giving me stomach aches. When I don’t have time to cook and meal prep for myself, I love Sakara meal delivery

Get a massage

This totally doesn’t have to be an expensive thing. Sometimes I'll have Chad massage my shoulders at night. Sometimes I’ll use this self massage tool. And sometimes ill go into the spa down the street from my house and indulge for an hour. It just feels good for the mind and body to relax and focus only on yourself whether its for 15 minutes or a full hour.


This is my form of meditation. Before I start every morning I sit down with my journal and write about what I want to accomplish that day, how I'm feeling and what I'm grateful for. Doing this helps me see the bigger picture and really understand that theres no reason for stress!


Comment below and let me know what you do for stress and anxiety