Wedding Fitness and Diet Preparation


30 days!! I can barely believe it!! Time has flown by since I got engaged and planning this whole wedding has been a whirl wind. I have always been a lover of all things fitness but in the last 6 weeks of up until my wedding I’ve decided to ramp it up. I want to look and feel my absolute best on that day. I won’t be traveling as much in August so it will really give me a chance to be extremely regimented about diet and exercise. 



For the next 30 days I am going on my version of a diet, and doing a 10 day cleanse in the middle of it. It sounds like a challenge but I’m totally up for it! I’m still going to make sure to have all the necessary amounts of protein, carbs and fat, but I’ll be taking out all of the bad stuff. I’m already gluten and dairy free, and for the next 30 days I’m also going to be doing no refined sugar or alcohol. Not only will this help with weight but also inflammation and excess bloat. Here’s what day 1 of my diet looks like! I’ll also plan to share more of what I’m eating and the Sakara cleanse I’ll be doing starting August 10th! 

I'm so happy to be doing the Sakara cleanse and I feel SUCH a difference in my body after doing it already. If you're interested in trying it too, you can sign up here and use code REF_WILSONGABRIELLE15 for 15% off your meal plan!

6:30 AM

Hot water with lemon with 2 SBO probiotics, cortisol manager and digestive enzymes.

Abzorb Vitamin & Nutrient Optimizer


Cortisol Manager

SBO Probiotics

7 AM

20 oz celery juice - celery juice remineralizes the body allowing for detoxification of the intestines and purification of the blood. It cleanses the system like no other food and creates an abundance of energy which I’ll definitely need this month 

8 AM

Fruit plate with coconut yogurt chia pudding - fruit is really the first meal you should put in your body. It cleanses the digestive system and is a light way to start the day. Every morning I’ve been eating fruits like watermelon, cherries, berries, kiwi tangerines and papaya. They all have so many healing properties skin to hormones and digestion. With this meal I take a multivitamin, an iron supplement, vitamin b12, zinc and an omega 3.

10 AM

After I’ve worked out and I’m headed out for work, I make a matcha latte with raw almond milk for that little caffeine boost. I like to add supplements like maca for hormonal balance and ginseng for energy. I also add a ton of cinnamon and vanilla for taste. 

12:30 PM

Lunch is either a salad with quinoa and lentils or a cauliflower and brown rice bowl with chickpeas. I like eating a lighter plant based lunch to keep me feeling light throughout the day. With either lunch I add in a ton of veggies like tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, and artichokes for fiber. The beans and the grains are what make a complete protein and I always top them with olives and a dressing for a little fat (little being the key word when it comes to watching weight).

I mention some of my favorite recipes in my grocery list blog so be sure to check that out if you haven't already! 

3 PM

My afternoon snack these days are a green juice with frozen wild blueberries. Wild blueberries are the most adaptogenic food out there. They’re extremely helpful for any type of stress or anxiety. All of the nutrients in the green juice give amino acids, vitamins and minerals to keep me going throughout the day. In the mid afternoon I also take another digestive enzyme, amino acids and curcumin 

6 PM

Dinner is my heaviest meal of the day. I like to have a full feeling in my stomach when I go to bed. I’m also trying not to eat for a full 12 hours to allow my body to fully rest and repair while I’m sleeping.

Dinner is usually some type of fish, either salmon Chilean sea bass or shrimp. I’ll usually bake the fish in the oven while preparing the side dishes on the stove top. When I’m cooking I always do 1 starch and one green for sides. That looks something like some blackened broccoli in the skillet and baked sweet potato wedges.

After dinner I like a little something sweet but since I cut out sugar I’m doing either a warm cup of almond milk with cinnamon and stevia or a gluten free thin slim foods brownie. With dinner I take an omega 3, nutrafol hair supplements, melatonin and a GI cleanse vitamin




I usually work out 3-4 times per week but with the wedding I’ll be ramping it up a little bit. While I’m doing my hour fitness classes in the morning, I’m also doing walks with my dogs and my fiancé at night. The walks are super low impact but I still consider them a form of movement! Here’s what my weekly schedule looks like:

Monday - Pilates and a night time walk

Tuesday - Pilates and a night time walk 

Wednesday - Strength Training 

Thursday - Yoga (to keep me sane) and a night time walk 

Friday - Strength training 

Saturday - Pilates and a night time walk

Sunday - Morning walk (this walk is usually longer than the others!)



Kelley aka Wilson