Pre- Wedding Skin Care Treatment


We all want it. Not only for our weddings but all the time. In the past months while getting ready for my big day I have been trying everything to get that perfect, no make up necessary, glowing skin. There have been amazing things that I have tried and there have been not so amazing things that I have tried.

Consider me your skin care guinea pig.

I've tried it all for you to give you the results. Im here to give you the good the bad and the ugly, the dos and the dont's, so without further ado here we go.



Always – dermabrasion and dermaplaning.

These are controversial treatments but ones that I am absolutely obsessed with! I have been doing both for years now and I think they are affordable ways to get great results. I do each treatment once a month, 2 weeks apart.

Dermabrasion is a machine with small sand beads that has suction that is swiped over all areas of the face, neck and chest to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. If you do this consistently, not only will it brighten the tone of your skin, but it will prevent any breakouts by thoroughly cleaning your pores.

Dermaplaning is a tiny razor blade that the esthetician uses to slowly shave your face. Sounds weird, but it's so much more amazing than just shaving. With the microblade not only does hair come off, but the top layer of skin too! Just another great way to exfoliate and brighten!


6 months pre wedding – Laser Genesis 

I started going to my dermatologist 6 months before the wedding to see what I could do to make my skin as youthful and glowing as possible. I started super early because I wanted the best results possible. She recommended a laser called Genesis once a month until the wedding.

The treatment feels like warm raindrops hitting your face (actually quite a pleasant and relaxing sensation). I love the plump results it gives my face and how firm my skin feels. The one downside is that it can potentially bring breakouts to the surface so avoid doing this one right before any major events.


4 months pre wedding – Melasma Peel 

This is a chemical peel that stayed on my face for 8 hours. I went in and had the esthetician put the peel on, went home, chilled and worked for 8 hours and then took it off. My goal was to get rid of any sun and acne spots on my face. I didn’t have much to clear but I wanted my skin to be as bright as possible and have that no makeup glow.

This treatment was a HORRIBLE mistake.

For the first 2 days my skin was just red and really tight, which wasn’t so bad. But then the skin started peeling on day 3 after the treatment. On my chin the peeling was so bad that the skin went raw and I had to constantly coat it in grapeseed oil. However, that’s not the worst part.

As soon as the peeling stopped about a week later (what a nightmare of a week), I started to get these tiny pimples all over my chin (SO GROSS!!). I never really break out so this was actually really traumatizing for me. It took me getting on a benzoyl peroxide wash and Differin Gel for about two months to completely clear what the peel left me with. In no way would I recommend a peel for a bride!


2 months before – microneedling with PRP treatments

After the peel debacle I talked to my mom and my soon to be sister in law about their amazing experiences with the microneedling PRP treatments. They raved about the results and the best part to me was no downtime. They say you need about 3 treatments to really get the full effect so with 60 days to go I went in and gave it a go.

First, the nurse draws your blood, which for some people is a huge issue but I actually don’t mind it too much. Then they take your blood and spin it to get the plasma out. They bring the vials of plasma back in the room, and put the liquid all over your face. (By the way at this point you’ve been numbing for about 20 minutes unless you choose not to).

Once the plasma is on they take a little roller with a bunch of long needles and roll the plasma into the skin. The punctures from the needles stimulate collagen growth in the skin and give a youthful glow almost immediately. The plasma that gets penetrated into the skin enhances the brightness, heals any brown spots and discoloration and improves texture. All in all a win win.

I will warn you, it does feel a little prickly but that’s the worst of it. When you leave you'll be a bit pink and shouldn’t wear makeup for 2 days. I loved it so much I'm going back for 2 more treatments before my wedding.


1 month pre wedding – Baby Botox

Yes. I get Botox. And I am totally not ashamed. I have been doing it since I was 23 and it's actually preventative. I have not seen a line or wrinkle on my face. I only do it 2-3 times a year and I think it's worth every penny. All I do is a couple areas in my forehead and the area on the forehead where the wrinkle above your nose would appear. Enough said.






*PSA: The Lancer Caviar Lime Peel isn't anything like the peel I got at my dermatologist, you actually don't peel at all and it's super gentle on the skin.

Favorite Devices

Ice Roller

I use this every morning to de puff my face while I'm walking on the treadmill. The ice is super cooling and reduces any inflammation.


I am absolutely obsessed. I love to wash my makeup off with the bristle head and give myself a facial massage to drain my lymphatic system with the massage head. Such a good buy.

Nu Face Facial Toner

I am the girl who's baby face has not gone away. Some days I love my cheeks and some days they make me self conscious. I bought my Nu Face Facial Toner to define my cheekbones more and give that more contoured look and I wish now that I had taken before and after photos because I swear theres a difference. Consistency is key though. You have to use it 5 times a week for at least 2 months.

Hope this was helpful to you whether you are getting married soon or just looking to transform your skin! Comment below if you are starting this skin prep or already do some of these treatments.


Kelley aka Wilson