My 25th Birthday Party!

Going into last week I had some weird fears about turning 25… why? I honestly don’t know. I think maybe it is just starting to feel like I am really becoming an adult or something. BUT the good news is… all my fears have subsided and my 25th birthday was truly one of the best birthdays of my life!

Since I turned 25 this year.. my parents wanted to throw me a birthday party! Probably the last party I think that I’ll have for a while! I decided I wanted to theme my party after a restaurant I have been obsessed with for the last year in New York City.


I themed my party after While We Were Young. This cute little spot in the city is decked out with plush velvet seating, white marble table tops, a neon sign, and the cutest cocktails. I wanted to recreate this vibe at my own party!

I did a marble inspired dance floor, white tables with gold chairs with blue velvet cushions, a rose gold ping pong table, and pink and gold table wear. For my birthday cake, I wanted to keep it really feminine and simple. I chose a simple glazed donut cake with florals placed in between! I have a super visual mind and I love to be creative so when it comes to party planning, I know exactly what I want and how I want it! I am super specific in what I love and this party turned out better than I could have dreamt it!


I spent the evening having dinner and cocktails with family and friends! We had make your own poke and teriyaki bowls and a sushi bar and we had fresh cocktails inspired by the While We Were Young Cocktail Menu. After dinner, we spent the rest of our time dancing the night away. I am always happy when there is a dance floor! We also added in some karaoke for some extra fun!

I love parties that are in your own space! I think it is always so much fun to be home and in your own space with the people who matter most. I am so lucky that all my friends from home and from out of town came to celebrate with me. I seriously am the most thankful that I have the most incredible people surrounding me as I take on this next year!




I am in love with this outfit I wore for my birthday party, I think it went really well with the overall vibe of the party. You can shop this exact look and this look for less down below!

IMG_1523 3.jpg

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It was a truly special night!



Victoria aka Gabrielle