Spray Tan Pre and Post Care


There is absolutely nothing better than getting a spray tan. That sunkissed glow that you have afterwards makes you feel your absolute best. Unfortunately, the whole process before the tan is such a pain, plus my fiancé has a field day with making fun of me and how nuts I look! Since I've had a couple peels and IPL treatments, I try my best to lather myself in sunscreen, always wear a hat and stay out of the sun as much as possible. This is where the spray tan comes in. For big events and once summer rolls around, I like to look like I’ve been out getting my vitamin D. So here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned with all of the spray tanning I’ve done.


Pre-Spray Tan

Dry Brush

I like to dry brush every night up to the time that I'm getting a spray tan. I dry brush before I get into my nightly bath to get a little extra exfoliation. Added bonus: its great for lymphatic drainage.


Wash Day

Make the day of your spray tan a hair wash day too. That’s right! Make sure to get in the shower and do a full head-to-toe scrubbing and shaving. I like to use the lalicious brown sugar vanilla scrub and then wash my hair with Iles shampoo and conditioner.



Once I’m out of the shower I put on Neutrogena body oil and Cerave cream (drugstore favorites!). I love the combo of these two moisturizers because they're super hydrating and they smell heavenly. I then wait about 3 hours for it to completely soak in to actually get sprayed.



Post-Spray Tan

Spray Tan at Night

I usually have my spray tan girl come over around 8 PM. This is the perfect time because I've already showered, had dinner and let my moisturizer sink in. I pick this time because I can go to bed right after and don’t have to worry about walking around feeling all sticky. Even if you don’t have someone who can come to your house, most tanning places are open late! I tell her that I want to be tan but never too dark, because I could end up looking a little crazy after if it's too unnatural! I take off all of my jewelry, put on a shower cap and make sure to stand on a damp towel so I don’t get any of the gross stuff on my feet.


Dry with Baby Powder

After I'm sprayed, I dry all of my elbow cracks, knees and under my arms (and even under the butt cheek and boobs – sorry TMI) with baby powder and make sure I'm thoroughly dried. I always have baggy Wildfox sweats on the bathroom counter to change into as soon as I'm done. I wipe off all of my nails and toenails with baby wipes so you would have no idea I was ever sprayed. As for the most important part, before going to sleep I lay down an extra sheet so I don’t dirty up the whole bed.


Shower First Thing

After I've slept in the tan, I shower off FIRST THING the next morning. I make sure to get that sticky stuff off of my body before I do anything else. I just do a rinse with warm water in the shower and get out and moisturize with just the cerave cream (the Neutrogena body oil will take the tan off, so avoid oils right after). Also be sure not to dry brush or use the scrub for the next week to preserve the life of the tan!



I hope this post helps for all of you babes trying to look bikini ready but don’t want the added sun damage. Comment or send us an Instagram DM if you want to us to cover more tips.

Happy bronzing !


xx, Kelley aka Wilson