Mother's Day Gift Guide


I am a firm believer that we should treat our mom's like it is Mother's Day, every day! However, most of our lives get so busy it's easy to forget the little things our mom's have done for us to make us into the strong women we are today.

Mother's Day is the day to recognize that and appreciate our mothers for the things they have done for us, and what says I love and appreciate you more (other than taking the time out to actually call her) than the perfect gift!

Take a look at this specialized Mother's Day shop we have created all about treating mom, and in addition, if you aren't in a place to give your mother a present, here are a few free things that every mom out there could definitely appreciate.



Call Your Mom!

Like I mentioned above, it seems so basic and maybe not even that gift worthy, but just the fact that you know you are thinking about her and want to hear about her day can sometime's mean more than a gift itself

Surprise Visit!

Our busy schedules may not allow us to see our mom's that often, whether you are living in different area's or you just get sucked into your hectic work life. The best way to treat mom on mother's day is just to be with her and enjoy a day together, and if you do have to fork out a bit of gas money to get down there, it'll be worth it to know she is loved and appreciated

Social Media Collage

If there's one thing we know our mom's love, it's social media, and what better way to honor her than a picture collage? Pick out your top 10 pictures that you know will make her take a stroll down memory lane and tear up if she were to see them again. If your mom doesn't have a particular social platform, sending them in a text an email with a short description of your favorite memory will mean the most to her as well.


Hope you found this helpful and happy mother's day to all our WG mom's out there! 

xx, Kelley