How to Stay Healthy When Traveling


Right now, I'm on a plane (of course). I was just in Rome and London last week for 5 days, spent 3 days at home and now Im headed to NYC for a week. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to travel but I legit feel like I have been to 309582 places in the last 3 months. Well actually, if I’m being honest with myself in the last year or so with the blog, work and this wedding coming up, travel has been completely non-stop. So when I’m not home for 15 days out of the month I have to come up with a strategy for how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Here's the caveat. When I'm traveling with my fiancé for a REAL vacation, I usually just let go. Those are my days to indulge and be lazy. No work outs, just leisurely walks and bring on the red wine and dessert. Sometimes you have to enjoy ya know?!

But when it comes to traveling for business, I mean business. So here are a few tips on how to stay healthy when traveling.


When I go on vacation I start by packing some of my favorite leggings, sports bras and tennis shoes because if I have the workout clothes with me, it will motivate me to go. I also try to bring healthy snacks. This way, if I’m going back to the room after meetings I'm not stuffing my face with stuff from the mini bar. I'm totally a grazer so snacks are super important. I also always bring stevia because I like to put it in my tea and coffee. At hotels and on planes, they usually only have artificial sweeteners so this is a must!


Whenever I go on vacation I always pre-pack my vitamins and bring them in big Ziploc bags. I take vitamins 4 times a day and I'm super regimented about it. I have a little freak out if I forget them lol. I take a probiotic every morning, amino acids between meals, green tea for extra anti-oxidants and energy and an amazing omega (always get higher EPA than DHA). The most important vitamin that I pack is GABA. People use GABA as an anti anxiety sometimes but I love it for an all natural sleep aid. With all of the different times zones I'm on this allows me to actually catch some Z’s. Oh… and one last one. Magnesium oxygen, to keep me regular. Enough said.


I always always always start my day with hot water with lemon. At home I usually add in apple cider vinegar, turmeric and chlorophyll drops. While the turmeric and ACV can be challenging to travel with, I bring my chlorophyll drops with me for that added detox benefit. They also boost the immune system which is great for travel. Finally, when I drink alcohol on vacation, it allows my body to flush out all the bad stuff and avoid hangover.


So when I travel I love to get in a work out (like a real work out) when I can. This means signing up for a yoga or barre class. When I'm in places that offer that kind of stuff, I absolutely take advantage of it. However, no matter what happens I use the app Pacer EVERY DAY. I'll make sure to get up an hour before I have to start getting ready and go for a brisk walk to get my steps in. I swear by using this app! I get to my goal amount of steps and I immediately feel better about what I'm eating and drinking for the rest of the day.


Right after my hot water with lemon I whip out my journal. Yes, I even do it on vacation/ during travel time. This is the time I get most of my good ideas and get so much inspiration. Plus the gratitude I have for life pours out when I get to travel. It's also really nice to be able to write down all of the cool new adventures and experiences you're having.



This one is so tough because I'm not a huge drinker. That being said, when I'm traveling, for some reason a glass of red wine usually always sounds nice at the end of the night (I also love a good dirty martini). I usually try to keep dinner relatively healthy with a piece of fish and some veggies or sushi. If I'm drinking I'll forgo the dessert most times because you know how much that stuff adds up!

My one rule with alcohol is to keep the sugar out. I can't do those fruity drinks, it's like asking for a hangover. If I keep it to two glasses of wine or one martini I feel great and ready to take on the next  day! If I'm drinking during the day (which is more rare these days),  it's always a skinny margarita AKA no agave, extra lime, extra spicy. The bartender might hate me for being such a micro manager but my post vaca body won't lol.


I live by the phrase breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I will be oh so grumpy if I don't get my breakfast! While a smoothie with vegan protein powder is my staple at home, it's just not that easy to get a good, low sugar smoothie on the road. I'll either go with some poached eggs and greens or gluten free oatmeal and berries depending on what I feel like. I like both of these for breakfast because they’re filling enough (fat and protein in the eggs OR whole grains and fiber in the oats) to keep me full until the next meal.





Kelley aka Wilson