Wilson's How to Eat Healthy While Traveling Tips

For me, eating healthy is always a priority. While there are times where I’ll have the occasional treat, I definitely try my best to not fall off the wagon for an entire vacation. As you guys know, I travel almost every weekend, so it's key to have some hacks and some rules to live by when I’m out and about. Following this strategy is what keeps me feeling my best and gives me all of the energy I always have.


Morning Must

First things first – hot water with lemon. I drink this EVERY SINGLE MORNING. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I always always always drink this. It's so simple, and has so many benefits. From improved digestion to added vitamin C, this is absolutely the way to kick off the day.

Restaurant Tips

When I go to restaurants I always order the options that are gluten and dairy free. Regardless of whether or not I’m traveling, I stick to this rule. I tend to get bloated and feel more tired if I eat these things, so it's in my best interest to avoid them. Some menu items are super intuitive in terms of whether you know or not if they are gluten free and dairy free, like salmon with grilled veggies (a fave of mine!), but others like pastas are not. So many restaurants are really getting up to speed with this whole movement, so just ask your waiter if they have gluten free options!  Additionally, I order most items without sauces (to avoid dairy) or things with bread I'll ask for in lettuce cups (to avoid gluten)!


When it comes to alcohol, I don’t really drink much, but on vacation I like to order a cocktail here and there. For me a Tito’s vodka soda is the way to go. The soda water is great to cut the alcohol, and Tito’s is a great gluten free vodka. I especially love this drink because there's no added sugar!


Whenever I get on a plane I always bring my own snacks in lightweight Tupperware. Bringing my own snacks is a great way to ensure quality control and know that I'm not going to be hungry. Whether that’s veggies and hummus, my lakanto chocolate, raw almonds, or a good bar I always have the goods with me.

Finally, I love to enjoy a hot tea at night, but most places don’t have stevia to sweeten it. So I travel with a bottle of liquid stevia drops to make sure I always have my nightcap