Wilson's Guide to Meditation

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A lot of you guys have been asking for a post on meditation and so I thought it was about time to finally let you guys in on how I zen out! It’s been a long journey and is still a work in progress, but it’s extremely critical for me to get some quiet time for myself every day before all of the craziness begins!

So, a lot of people tend to think meditation is just a time in the morning where you go sit on a cushion and try to focus on your breathing or a mantra, and it totally can be! I’m actually planning on trying transcendental meditation (the mantra one) soon! But for now, what works for me is morning pages and moving meditations!


Pre-Meditation Prep

Let’s start with morning pages. I try to do morning pages every single day no matter what is going on. It’s the best way for me to get everything out and really process it. So here’s how the morning starts:

  • Wake up and wash my face and brush my teeth (first. must. always).
  • Go to my kitchen to feed the dogs
  • Make a nice mug of hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll for anti-inflammatory properties and digestion.
  • I take my mug upstairs and set up shop at my meditation altar.
  • I like to light my rose incense and my zen candle from crystal cactus

How to Meditate 

Once my space feels nice and comfortable I’ll either get out my spirit animal cards or or take out my rose quartz pendulum and start asking some questions to get some guidance on my day. I know I know, sounds pretty cooky, but I swear it has really helped me to ground down and look at what I need to focus on! I also really like the angel cards you can pick one every morning for a beautiful thought to help you with what to focus and bring positive energy to your day.

Once I’m in a spiritual state I open up my girly, pink journal and start my written meditation. I have a special pink journal and some great sparkle pens that I love to use. It makes the whole exercise feel more special.

Morning Pages

Then, I just start writing everything and anything that comes to mind. It’s like word vomit really. Just get it out. Ideas, hopes, dreams, goals, fears. Everything. Ideally all of your thoughts in the morning should take up about 3 pages in your journal. So one page front and back, and then one more front. The really nice thing about the written meditation is that you can get out your to do list in there as well. Because as you guys know I’m pretty OCD, so making sure I have a list of priorities I have to get done during the day is critical.

Why I MeditatE

When I’m done with this practice not only do I feel more relaxed because I’ve processed all my emotions, but I also feel a real sense of clarity and motivated for the day ahead. It’s also a great place for creativity because it allows sacred space for all of your ideas! I love to keep cool crystals and special items I’ve collected for inspiration on my meditation altar. I love shopping for things from NW crystals and crystal cactus! But take your time, the things you keep with you should really speak to you, so don’t just buy it for the sake of buying it.

If I have time to fit in two meditations, that’s always great! I love to do yoga and walk out in nature. If I’m walking, I’ll turn on a Spotify meditation playlist and just let the soothing music and the outdoor air bring me back down to earth.

I hope this blog post answers all of your meditation questions, and I’ll be sure to write a new one when I start doing TM!