Wilson's New Home

Finally! I moved into my new house you guys! It's been almost two years in the making and such a whirlwind of fun getting everything from the design and drawing phase to where it is now. I really spent a lot of time at the beginning deciding on what the design aesthetic of the house was going to be and how I wanted to lay it out structurally. The neutral color palette that I chose made it pretty simple to choose different finishes, wallpapers and tiles throughout the process. Finally, at the end it was really important for me to spend a ton of time there to make sure that I was choosing the right furniture for the space. In this post I’ve outlined the most important things to keep in mind when building a home and my favorite parts of the process!


How to Budget

I know how hard it is, but when you have a budget and a number that you're happy with - stick to it! Trust me, you can always add or change things at the end, but you will definitely be happy if you stay within the number you created for yourself. I did mine in excel and set up different columns for structure, design, and furniture. As soon as I knew how much the basic structure was going to be I built my final number off of that.

Mood Boards

Start with mood boards! I did mine on Pinterest and then printed them and sprinkled in some photos from Architectural Digest and put them all up on a cork board so that I could reference them every time I made a decision. For example, when I looked at my board, I realized that all of the photos of kitchens I chose had white cabinets, so I knew that was what I wanted!

Plan for the Future

Think about where your life will be in 5-10 years and make sure you have the right amount of space! This home is an investment and where you are going to be spending the majority of your time. For Chad and I, although were only a family of two right now, we want children so we have an extra bedroom for when that day comes! We also both like to work from home when we can so we made two of the rooms upstairs into offices for each of us.

Maximize your Lot

It was really important for us to have two offices and a gym, however it was even more important to have a nice sized backyard with a dog run and room for our pups to play. Therefore, we put the extra rooms upstairs and made space on the lot for a big back yard that gets lots of sunlight.


Deciding on the Right Floor Plan

Consider the flow of your house. When you are in the structural phase consider your lifestyle. We really like having family and friends over, so we opted for an open floor plan where the living space, the kitchen and the bar are all one giant space.

Choosing a Color Scheme

When you start the interior design, choose a color scheme. If you come up with one or two basic colors for the house, that’s great! Then you can add pops of color in different rooms if you choose. For my house, I chose white and grey, so every room has variations of those colors throughout.

Little Things with Big Impact

There are a few things that I think can make a huge difference in the way a room looks and are worth investing in: beautiful window coverings, a comfortable and well-made sofa, an affordable rug and a great mirror to warm up the space! Click here for table accessories

How to add Texture

For my home texture was always really important since the house is very neutral. I have a variety of fun décor to add texture from my bamboo weaved window coverings, to shag pillows and raw silk sheets!

Mix and Match Hardware

Don’t be so picky about hardware! Gold and silver look great together. I have it mixed throughout my entire house. Don’t be shy with either metal! While my bed is silver, the mirrors in my bathroom are gold framed and it looks really high end and design forward all together. Click here for my beautiful vanity chair!

Let the Space Determine the Furniture

For me, I learned this lesson the hard way. I really wanted to use the dining table and chairs from our old house and the dining room in the new house was just too small. I ended up having to sell my old pieces and buy new ones upon moving in because the space really will tell you what to do.

The Perfect Bar

Finally, welcome your guests with a bar at your entry! We decided to do this and we love it! The bar flows directly into the living space and we have already had some fun parties where everyone feels right at home. Click here for my amazing bar stools!