VICTORIA’S Vacation Packing Tips

How to Pack for Your Next Vacation:

It is important when packing for any vacation to always plan ahead! This way nothing gets left behind, every outfit is perfect, and your vacation is stress free! When packing for any trip it is SO important to pack in outfits! So, start out with what you need each day! For my trip to St. Barths, I packed from what I would need for the morning all the way to the time that I would go to sleep! For example, I would pack a swimsuit for the day with a cover up, sunglasses, shoes, a purse, and any necklaces or accessories I wanted to match. Following that look, I would choose my outfit for the night. This look for my last vacation usually was a cute sun dress, or a fun matching set. I make sure that I have any hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, and a purse to match! After I have my looks for the day, I make sure to pack pajamas, underwear, bras, and any other little things I may need throughout the day. I repeat these steps for each day I will be on vacation to make sure I have everything I need! (P.S. Tip: make sure you try on outfits so you know you love them before you travel!) I love to pack my nicer outfits in garment bags and my accessories and easier clothing in suitcases. I always like to pack in the least amount of suitcases as possible, but that usually doesn’t happen (whoops!)

-       Luggage

-       Garment bags


After I pack my outfits, I make sure to have all my beauty products! The best way to do this, in my opinion, is by packing each beauty product after using it in the morning! So, I will shower and then pack my shampoo and conditioner and all my face wash products (disclaimer: I HAVE to have my own shampoo and conditioner, hotel products usually tangle my hair!). I will brush my hair, and pack my hair brush, brush my teeth, and pack my tooth brush and so on and so forth all the way through my make-up and curling irons. I find this the easiest way to pack so that I never forget a product! Another easy trick, is to pick up all travel size sets of products and have those ready to be packed before you leave for your trip! Caileur is one of my favorite go-to for travel size products! They have a wide selection of high end travel size necessities and you can order all your products on their site and cater them to your needs! . I always pack my make-up and beauty products in one big make up case. I prefer my Louis Vuitton make up case, but anything of this size and structure works!