How I Stay Healthy During the Holidays


I’m all about staying fit during the holidays. It’s honestly a top priority for me. I think moderation is so important in order to avoid wanting to drop five pounds starting January 1st! If you maintain where you’re at, you won’t have to jump on some crazy diet. Here are my top tips for staying fit during the holidays.


Things can get so busy during the holidays between holiday parties and wrapping gifts, it’s important to schedule time for you to move every day. Whether it’s a 15 minute walk or a fun class, put time on your calendar to get it in! You can even do family activities together like ice skating to get moving! It’s extra important this time of year when you’re drinking more alcohol and eating more treats!

Have A glass of water for every cocktail

Speaking of drinking, hydrating while you’re popping the champagne is imperative for avoiding a hangover! Every time you have a cocktail, order a water with it and drink both before you order your next boozy beverage!

Choose your holiday treats wisely

Just because it’s that time of year doesn’t mean stuff your face with all of the indulgences at every party. Each time you’re at a holiday outing or even if you’re at home baking yourself, make sure to pick your favorite treats and make that the time to treat yourself! For example, I know on Christmas morning I love my moms French toast, so on Christmas Eve I eat lean, clean, and green with some healthy protein and Christmas morning I’ll have a plate of French toast so I don’t feel like I’m eating two heavy meals in a row! Also if you’re eating out a lot during this time and you want to be healthy, avoid sauces by asking for sauce on the side and skip out on sweets unless it’s a really good one!

Take Time To Rest

With everything going on during the holidays from parties and family time to shopping and travel, it’s easy to get burnt out. Make sure to take time to rest to avoid getting sick during the best time of year!

Mental health is just as important

During this time of year, I try to slow down a little since everything else is ramping up during this season. For me, this means more journaling and yoga to really connect with myself and clear my head. Both activities make me so grateful for the year that has just passed.

expect the unexpected

Things always come up at this time of year. Whether it’s family coming into town for longer than expected or a trip to the store to pick up some last minute wrapping. Remember to stay calm. It’s best to schedule workouts early in the morning so they don’t conflict with any plans that may change!

Take care of yourself

This is the time for more face masks, long baths and massages. If you can take time for self care, I promise your mind and your body will both thank you.

Hope this motivates you all to stay healthy this holiday season! Let us know your favorite healthy holiday recipes down below!