Why We Started WilsonGabrielle


With so many new faces here on the blog, we are getting a lot of questions about why we started the blog and why we started it together! So, I wanted to give you all a bit of the story behind us and why we started WilsonGabrielle!


About 2 and a half years ago, my mom, sister, and I were traveling on a girl’s trip to London! One night at dinner, the three of us were sitting there and discussing what was next for us. My sister was less than a year out of graduate school and was working for our family business back at home and I was just-about-to graduate from my undergraduate degree from USC. We started discussing our passions and what something was we could do together and call our own in our time off from work. That’s when the idea of a fashion blog came up. We both immediately fell in love with the idea. We sat there for the rest of dinner discussing what the best blog name would be and what we wanted to show through our creative outlet. As we sat there and discussed more, we knew that we wanted to create a blog that showed two sisters who came from the same background, but had different interests and fashion sense. We wanted to show how we could have the same fashion items, but style them differently to our personalities and show how different our lifestyles and interests were. We wanted to create a blog that could appeal to multiple people and connect with all different types of followers, as well as eventually turn into a brand which we are working towards now!


We started the blog with an emphasis on fashion and we’ve let our lifestyles trickle in more and more throughout our time on Instagram. We started with a heavy focus on fashion because we truly believe that we are experts in this department. My mom had instilled a deep love for the fashion world into both of us starting at a young age. We have been lucky enough to travel the world and to attend fashion weeks, see haute couture houses, and shop around different towns. To say we have been lucky…would be an understatement and we wanted to be able to take our deep love for fashion and be able to share it with all of our followers and develop products that could relate to what we’ve learned from fashion and incorporate our two different styles into one brand.


As time has gone on and our followers have asked for more detail into our lives, we have been diving into other topics and sharing our favorite products and places all over the world. While Kell has gone into more detail of all-things wellness and lifestyle, I have stayed more focused on fashion and my New York lifestyle while living here for graduate school.


We are so lucky to do what we do every day and our love for WilsonGabrielle and our incredible followers grows more and more each day. We wake up each morning excited to show you more into our lives and to create content that you all are wanting to see! Thank you for being the best community we could ask for! We love being able to connect with you each day on Instagram and on the blog!