10 Things You May Not Know About Me, Kelley


I wanted to take this week’s blog post to re-introduce myself! It’s so challenging with Instagram and social media to keep up with all the stories and posts, so I figured putting this content in a place where it would last forever would be a great thing to do. Plus, there are so many new faces here I wanted to take the opportunity to give you guys a little more insight into my life.

  1. I am a VP of marketing by day and a lifestyle blogger by choice

    I get a lot of questions about what my profession is. I have worked for my family’s Las Vegas casino business for the past five years as the VP of Marketing. What does this mean exactly? I look at a lot of data and work with my team to make decisions on promotions, advertisements, and where to spend our marketing dollars. Having a marketing background has helped a lot with my side hustle as an influencer because it has taught me a lot about reading data and selling what works.

  2. I just got married in September!

    I married the love of my life, Chad, two months ago and I feel beyond blessed. We have been together on and off for the last nine years and now he’s mine forever <3.

  3. We have three amazing (and big) fur babies

    We have a Boxer who is seven, a Golden Retriever who is two, and a St. Bernard who is eight months. Chad and I met in college at USC and it holds a big place in our hearts. When we got our Boxer seven years ago, we started a USC name theme and named him Troy. We followed suit with Tommy and Traveler keeping the college pride strong. Troy is our protector, Tommy is our lover and adventurer and Traveler provides us with a ton of comedic relief. We love them all so much and our lives would not be the same without their cuddles.

  4. I am Vegas born and raised

    That’s right! People often cannot believe it, but yes I was born in Las Vegas. And no, I did not live in a hotel. However, since casinos are my family’s business, I did spend at least three nights a week during my childhood having dinner in a casino or visiting my dad at work. In my 20’s, I have lived in both LA and New York and while I love both cities, Vegas is truly home. I am so close with my parents and my siblings which makes living in another city a challenge. Chad and I love to travel often, but Vegas is definitely home.

  5. I have one brother and one sister

    You all know my sister and business partner Victoria, she is the Gabrielle to my Wilson and I am so blessed to have such a beautiful sister who is the yin to my yang, but many of you may not know that I also have a younger brother. We are five years apart and his motivation, kind heart, and sense of humor inspire me every day.

  6. I’m 5’7”

    When people see pictures on Instagram, they will message me thinking I’m taller than I really am because I’m usually standing next to Victoria who is 5’3,” so I’m not as tall as people think. I wear a size small in most tops, a 25 in jeans and an extra small in most bathing suit tops. We’re constantly getting messages about sizing when people are trying to shop our looks so now you guys know!

  7. I eat a whole foods plant based diet

    Over the years, I have tried all types of diets from Paleo to Vegan and lots of things in between. After a lot of research and testing, I have found this is what works best for my body. I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables and try my best to stay away from anything processed (I do indulge in the occasional piece of pizza). Most days look like a big bowl of fruit for breakfast, including everything from bananas and mangoes to apples and berries. Lunch usually consists of a bowl with tons of veggies, sweet potatoes, quinoa and beans, and dinner is a piece of fish with more veggies. I like to end the night with a raw almond milk elixir which you can find the recipe for here.

  8. I am Italian and Swedish

    A couple years ago my parents bought me a 23andMe kit as a fun gift, expecting that I would be mostly Italian. We were pretty surprised when the majority of my DNA came back as Swedish with a smaller percentage of Italian and Greek and a little north African in the mix!

  9. I run a charity in Las Vegas called Amanda Hope

    The foundation brings dignity and comfort into the lives of those suffering from childhood cancer. I have always had a big place in my heart for children who are suffering, it is so unfair and cruel to me. Three years ago, I started the Nevada chapter for Amanda Hope. I go to a children’s cancer clinic here in town a couple times per week and do crafts or take the teens out for teen nights. It’s an amazing feeling to give back and I learn so much from the kids every time I’m with them.

  10. I’m focusing on living in the moment

    It’s something we all struggle with, especially with technology today, but a piece of myself that I am working on every day is living in the moment. I have struggled with always jumping from task to task, and looking toward the future to achieve my goals. However, this past year I have made it an important goal of mine to enjoy exactly where I am whether that is cooking dinner, working out, or having a lazy day. There is more time than we think to be able to accomplish all of our dreams and sometimes patience is key. I love my journal for this, I’ve been using the Five Minute Journal for this specific goal and it is a constant reminder to stay grounded.

I love meeting you guys! Tell me something about yourselves below! Xx

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