7 Favorite Fall Trends



Your fall wardrobe cannot be complete without a few pairs of boots, specifically sock booties! I love how the fitted fabric hugs the ankle to create a slimming effect. You'll find sock booties in everything from embroidery to metallic. Throw on some of your favorite jeans, comfy tee, and add your sock booties to step up your style. Shop some of our favorite sock booties below! 


This trend is perfect for those of you who are getting a little sick of your skinny jeans sticking to you. This wide leg velvet pant is a perfect staple to add to your office wardrobe. Meeting up with your man after work? No problem. Switch out your button-down for a silk cami and you are good to go! 


Handbags this fall are definitely on the wild side. My personal favorite handbag trend, fur! I know what you're thinking, "That looks like it could be in Game of Thrones"...but, who doesn't love Game of Thrones?! A playful handbag is a great way to add a little bit of fun to your outfit. Statement handbags are like french fries, you can't have just one! 


Looking to up your blouse game? I have the answer for you- exaggerated sleeves. Choose from ruffles, ultra long, bell shaped, oversized, billowy, you really can't go wrong. The bigger, the better. You know what they say, "The exaggerated sleeve is the new cold-shoulder." 


Mastering the necklace layering look is really an art form. I like to mix delicate shorter necklaces with chunkier, longer necklaces. If you want to add a bit more length, go with a simple lariat necklace. Want to spice up your collard shirt? Add a few layers of chunky necklaces right on top of your shirt. 

MENSWEAR for Women

Whatever men can do, women can do better. Am I right? You can't go wrong with this Alexander Wang blazer. Pair your favorite oversized blazer with a solid shirt and cropped pants- you're ready to take on the world! Don't be afraid to hop in your man's closet and try a few things out. 


I'm happy to say that athleisure isn't going anywhere anytime soon. All you need is one piece to take your look from gym to street.  Go straight from pilates to brunch with your bffs by adding a cute bomber over your tank to create a more structured look.