Alaskan Adventure

I don’t think there is even a way to describe Alaska and all of its beauty in just a short blog post.

This past week my sister and I and our family had the most incredible time sailing the coast of Alaska. We started in Juneau and ended in Ketchikan and enjoyed every single moment of it. We landed in Juneau and immediately took a helicopter up to go dog sledding! It was one of the most magical days we have ever experienced. The helicopter ride was breathtaking and the dog sledding was so much fun! We even had the chance to meet each pup individually and pet them and cuddle them. They were all so friendly!

The next day we were lucky enough to get to go heli-snowboarding. Since it is so late in the season we were unsure how the snow would be, but we had the most fun time! We have both been snowboarding since we were super young, but we had never experienced snowboarding like this! The helicopter literally drops you off at the top of a peak of one of the mountains, you snowboard down, and then it comes and picks you up and whisks you away to the next location! To say this was incredible would be an understatement!

One of our favorite parts of the trip was bear watching. We spent a morning hiking through an island that we took a sea plane to! It was so much fun. After about two hours of not seeing any bears… we began to give up a bit. However, as we left the hike we ran into a mama bear and her two cubs! It was one of the most surreal moments that I think we have ever had. The bears were probably 10 feet away from us. The cubs were following their mom around, even standing on just two legs to peer over her at times. It was so adorable!

Alaska if filled with incredible views and gorgeous hikes. We went one day to a glacier and hiked down all the different levels and saw so many crevaces and ice caves. It was stunning! We were lucky enough to see different glaciers throughout our trip. One of the coolest things we did was sail down the Tracy Arm Fjord to see the glacier at the end! Since the glacier flows into the Fjord, there were so many icebergs that had broken off into the water! We actually even got off the boat and took a small tender to be able to go out and stand on an iceberg! It was absolutely crazy and one memory we definitely will never forget.

Alaska is full of adventure and we definitely recommend to everyone to go see this incredible state at least once in your life! Not only did we dog sled, snowboard, hike, and bear watch, but we also went salmon fishing! We actually got to bring home our salmon back to Vegas and made the best dinner from it, as well!

This trip is definitely once in a lifetime and the memories we made together as a family are some of the best to date! Since Alaska is pretty cold in the summer, you stay pretty bundled up! But linked below are some of our favorite work out pieces and sweats we wore during our trip if you feel like shopping to get cozy!

XX Tori