Morning Yoga in Alo

Kelley Ann Fertitta doing yoga on a mat that says "After this we're getting pizza!"

I am always so busy. Between my marketing job, doing the blog with my sister, building a new house and trying to potty train my new puppy, I feel like I never have a minute! To try to maintain some balance and keep the stress out of my life I try to do yoga daily. I used to only do cardio to try to stay in shape but with yoga I feel like Im really working on myself: mind, body and soul. Since its pretty cold outside now, I really like to layer my work out gear so that I can take Tommy for a walk in the morning and then peel off a couple layers for yoga before I head to work.

Kelley Fertitta sipping a water bottle during a yoga break
Kelley rockin her Alo yoga gear

This morning I wore all of my pieces from one of my favorite brands, Alo. I love Alo because all of their leggingssports brastops and jackets are pretty neutral and can work together to create different looks with just a few pieces! Here, my leggings are grey with black mesh details and I love how they go really well with the cut out mesh of the top even though they’re different types of mesh. Under, I just work a plain black Alo sports bra that is super comfortable and cute under any of their tops, and then on top a cropped cozy Alo jacket. In the mornings I love to get all my nutrients in to keep me sharp during the day, so every morning before yoga I start with a green juice that I use raw reserve powder, one of my moon juice powders and turmeric and ginger juice. Then after yoga I usually have a bowl of simply Elizabeth granola and coconut yogurt to fuel me until lunch!

Alo Wanderer Long Sleeve Top
Alo All Coast Legging
Alo Aria Sports Bra
Apl Sneakers
Alo Jacket (Similar)

Organic ancient grains and nutraceuticals plus yoga equals nirvana
Kelley Fertitta chilling on her "After this we're getting pizza" yoga mat