St.Barths Getaway

Victoria Fertitta soaking up the sun in St. Barths

This winter we decided to head somewhere warmer for a week and I cannot explain how thankful I am we did! I was getting a bit tired of sweater weather so it was the perfect break! My family and a few friends headed to St. Barths and soaked in all the sun! The trip was the most amazing combination of sun, sand, sea, the best food, and a bit of incredible shopping! If you’ve never been to St. Barths, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list! I spent most of the week in a bathing suit, so I am extremely thankful for the cutest Resort 2017 swim collections. Alongside this, I fell in love with all beachwear that was a bit whimsical this trip! I opted for light and airy pieces that would breathe well in the heat!

The sushi in St. Barths is amaze
Sipping drinks in St. Barths

My Travel Guide to St Barths – Must do’s!

• Must try Nikki Beach and Eden Rock for lunch!
• Must sit on the Eden Rock beach and lounge and take in the beautiful scenery! (There is an airport right by and you can see all the planes take off over the ocean! It is incredible!)
• Must do some shopping in town! (St. Barths is home to many designer stores but it also has some of the best spots for beach cover up shopping as well!)
• Must go to “the other side of the island” as they say, to have lunch at Le Barths! The pizza is a must order!
• Must have the perfect bikini to soak in the sun and take the perfect pictures!
• Shop at Montaigne Market (the best shop from Paris!)

I am lucky to have such an incredible family that allows me to travel the world. I have so much fun seeing new places and taking in small pieces of the world through each trip. Bringing my best friends along was just an added piece of fun for me! We have been traveling together for years and no matter how much time passes, nothing ever changes! The only thing missing from this trip was my sister and let me tell you, I missed her SO much! I hope you had the best time in Telluride W, I cannot wait to travel with you soon! Xx

Victoria rocking her Chanel purse and denim romper in St. Barths
Fun in the sun with Friends on St. Barths
Victoria Fertitta splashing in the surf in St. Barths
Light & Airy beachwear in St. Barths
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Splasing in the ocean, St. Barths
Amazing sunset over the bay in St. Barths