Gabrielle's Morning Routine

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Since I got to NYU I have been very adamant that I need to get in a morning routine. So what exactly does that include?

1. Wash my face

First and foremost, when I wake up I wash my face! First just with cold water, then after letting that dry I will fully wash my face with my Barbara Sturm products. This is the perfect way to wake yourself up!


Next is ALWAYS coffee. I am a zombie in the morning until my first cup of coffee. I need a bit of caffeine to kick start my day!

3. Breakfast

I always make breakfast with my coffee in the morning. This usually is oatmeal with berries, eggs and grits, overnight oats, or morning muffins that I will make the night before! I used to be a person that would skip over breakfast, but I realize now how important breakfast is for energy! I also take my vitamins from Care/Of in the morning with my breakfast. Just having this small routine before I get ready for class or work makes me feel more ready to take on the day!

The most important part of my morning though? Waking up in cute pajamas and a cozy robe to start the morning right!

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