Wilson's Travel Essentials


This week's blog post is all about travel essentials! As you guys know, I’ve been traveling almost twice a week lately. From Paris to Chicago to Cabo I've been around the world this past month! Here are all the things I can’t travel without 

1. Best Luggage

To travel in style and make sure I can fit my camera in my bag I always travel with my Louis Vuitton luggage and toiletries case

2. Essential Toiletries

  •  I try not to wash my hair on these short trips because packing the hairdryer just takes                up space for clothes in my suitcase so I love to use R+Co Dry shampoo. Plus, it comes in a travel size! Double win!! 

3. Carry-on Basics 

  • I never board a plane without my headphones so I can either listen to a book or a podcast

  • Whenever I travel I’m always taking photos for the blog so I bring my Canon 80d camera - it’s so easy because of the built in flash and stabilizers.  
  • When I’m traveling whether it’s for pleasure or for business, I always bring a book I can bring down to the beach or fall asleep to before bed! Right now I’m reading the Las Vegas Madam and it is so interesting!

  • Finally, I always try to keep it healthy when I’m not home so I’ll pack a work out outfit to hit the gym! I love the style, colors and fit of touché LA