How To Start Your Morning Strong

Kelley Ann Fertitta sporting Wildfox panties & bra laying in bed

Life can get crazy, I know! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep your normal beauty & wellness routines if you’re having a busy week or on the go, but with a little bit of planning, all is possible! Below I compiled my go-to daily tips and products that keep me feeling my best no matter what. Creating healthy routines in your life helps you stay balanced and let’s you tackle anything that comes your way. 

It’s all about starting the day strong. The mornings are when I am the most productive, and whether I’m traveling (most of the time!) or in the comforts of home, I always keep the same routine to make sure that the rest of my day runs smoothly and I’m well fueled! 

My mornings always start like this after the alarm goes off at 6 AM:
• Go downstairs and make a cup of hot water with lemon and sit in silence for five to ten minutes. It’s nice just to have a little quiet time to yourself before the hectic day brings itself on. This little alone time helps me tackle almost anything!
• Check emails and social media.
• Coconut oil pulling, brush my teeth and scrape my tongue (hygiene!!)
• Wash my face with a clarasonic, Dr Lancer cleanse, herbivore rose water spray, apply skin ceuticals vitamin C&E and herbivore lapis oil mixed together, add la mer lifting eye serum and dr lancer diamond eye cream and finally finish with la prarie line interception power duo creamla prarie anti aging neck cream and laura mercier tinted moisturizer (it’s all worth it!)
• Get in my favorite workout gear and take my puppies for a walk around our neighborhood!
• Drink a green juice made with raw reserve greens powder, turmeric and ginger juice, moon juice brain and beauty dusts and stevia to taste (a potion, I know!)
• Make a breakfast that’s usually sweet potato toast topped with either almond butter and raspberries, or avocado and eggs
Yoga (if I have time) or stretching at home
• Shower, make up and head out to the office!